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Taking it slow


Fast forward to present. I have had now more than a week to digest my decision. On the good side, doubts are leaving and excitement is building up. On the bad side, “overthinker” as I am, I need to have a plan!

After discussions with my friends, I have decided to continue my weekly routine until our Spring Camp. It means that I try to visit pool at least two times a week (I have been quite busy at work lately, so once a week is already an achievement). And I spend few evenings every week on the Tacx Antares  T1000 rollers with my Argon 18 Gallium Pro 2011.

Garmin GarminProgress so far has been as expected – ~450 km on a trainer, solid base for training camp (mostly to avoid saddle sore 🙂 ) I try to walk as much as possible (thank god for the dogs!) and just let the mind to adapt with the whole Ironman concept.

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