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How it all started


Early evening, quiet dinner with Mari-Liis, at Werner Cafe. We were drinking caffè lattes and waiting for the main course. My phone was on the table – yes, I have a bad habit of checking it every few minutes. Screen lights up – new Facebook message received.


Vembu. Intrigues with some vague information about a “sports day” and me to start training. Intrigued indeed. Quickly looking up all the sporting events in Estonia on 24.09 – nothing. Curiosity built up – “What? What start?”. IRONMAN Mallorca 2016.

“Put the phone away”, mumbled Mari-Liis. But I couldn’t. So many thoughts were running through my head. 3,8 km swim, 180 km on the bike and a full marathon. “I can’t, I’m too weak”. “I’m not prepared, Ain said, that on 2017″. “What if?” “If not now then when”.

Our meals got served. I was really hungry, yet I had almost lost all appetite. Quick call to Mäx and Ain – the persons I trust the most when it comes to the Ironman and my readiness. Both were really optimistic and encouraging. I wasn’t sold yet. Mari-Liis observed my inner fight with a little grin – “You can do it, of course you should go. And I’m coming with you to support!” Decided. “I’m in.”

I tend to overthink and being spontaneous about one of the definite items on my bucket list is kind of relieving. I have seven months to go, lot of hard work ahead and most of it I have to do in my mind – so many doubts and fears to conquer. But I’m certain – anything is possible!

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