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Expecting the expected

Two weeks has passed since “the decision”. Still in doubt, but making progress. I’m no longer afraid of the whole concept, instead the smaller details have come to focus – “if the swim is without wetsuit?”, “how much should I train?”, “how to keep myself motivated?”. I have plenty of time to get my head sorted out and I’m sure all the fears will be gone when I finally stand with my bare feet touching the cold sand. 

I have started to let people around me know about the decision and what it takes to get there. The responses have been as expected – starting from “Are you mad!?”, “You’re not gonna make it!” to “It’s so cool!”, “You have no problems!”, “Hats off!”. People closest to me have all been really supportive and this is what matters. And no single day is going by without me thinking: “What would my dad had said about this?”….

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