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It’s been a while. My last stress test was bit less than six years ago. Considering my plans, the new test was in order. I had to know how my body is doing and are there any changes in HR zones etc.

Previously I’ve let myself tested in one place where you had to cycle on indoor trainer bike. Not very easy to find comfortable position I might say. This time I decided that I want to use my own bike for the test and fortunately Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic of Tartu University Hospital offers this to anyone. Couple of weeks ago I made an appointment and today was the day I packed my bike and went testing.



I arrived at the location bit earlier, had a chat with an acquaintance and then was my turn to get ready.

First was the blood test – Hb was bit low (140), but it has been only three weeks since my last blood donation, I’m not too worried (my usual is ~155). Then weighing, body fat analysis (13,6%), grip strength measuring (66/66kg) and lung volume measuring (5,53l).

Now was the time for proper test. The EKG was done pre-, during, and after the test. Same with the blood pressure. And of course the exhaled breath analysis (maximum oxygen consumption VO2 max, anaerobic threshold AnT, aerobic threshold AerT).

All in all, everything was mostly as expected. HR levels have dropped by 6 beats (due to age 🙂 ), VO2 max was a tad better (44,5 ml/kg/min), same with PWC result (3,7 W/kg).

Most importantly, doctor gave the green light. Now it’s all up to me!

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