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Why we do what we do?

: the process of thinking about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgment
: the ability of the mind to think and understand things in a logical way

Some time ago, I had a discussion with my wife (yes, we are married and we still talk to each other 🙂 ) that at some point in life (comes with the age I guess) we sort of start to understand and notice the choices one makes in life. It’s not about the great meaning of life, it’s about reasoning. Why we do what we do. Why some things we do are important for us when at the same time others see absolutely no reasoning behind it.

Again, with the experience, perhaps, you start to not really care what others think about your reasons and you also let others do what they do, without judgement. You will get brave enough to say things out loud – and I don’t mean the bad ones, as really common these days, but the good things mostly – encouragement, gratitude, praise, admiration. For me it was really difficult to compliment someone just a few years ago.

So, back to the understanding.

You can give an easy answer to the question “Why the hell you wanted to do a full IRONMAN?” “It has always been in my bucket list!” This has been the answer I’ve used. A lot. But is the easiest answer really the honest answer? In my case, perhaps not.
Sometimes you know the answer right away, sometimes you grow to know the real answer along the way and sometimes you just delude yourself.

It has taken me 6 long months of inner discussions and self-analysis first to find out and then to admit the reasons behind my decisions regarding not only IRONMAN triathlon, but as of now with almost everything I do in my life.

I lost my father a year ago. To a cancer. But he didn’t go without a fight! He was determined from the day he found out about the uninvited guest until the very end. And I truly admired his determination. He fought back with all he got – chemo, tonic herbs, right mindset, active life. Dad wanted to see his grandchildren every possible moment and be with them. All of his life he had been physically active so they had long bike rides with my mom every evening. And later, when he was too tired to ride, they just walked. He has been my idol and will always be because of his perseverance.
“If You want, You can!”

Not tomorrow, not later. Now. During recent years I have seen a few unexpected losses around me. Some people I knew personally, some I didn’t. But they all went too soon. Makes you wonder, why wait with something one wants to do. Why I should do something tomorrow, if I can do it today. Talk, act, say, go, be.
“If You want, act now!”

Quality of life
I have a problem. This problem is the reason why I can’t have kids. And I do everything in my power to make this problem go away. I live a healthy life. Both, physically – I listen to my body, stay fit, don’t drink alcohol, and mentally – I no longer worry about the things I can’t change, and I change the things that cause the stress. I minimise the risk factors that may cause this problem. Sometimes it is difficult. But then I remind myself – “If You want, You can. And don’t wait, act now!”


  1. Evelyn Evelyn

    so true and so nice reading, thanks Rando. You made my Friday for today. With better thought make some good things as well

  2. Taavi Turvas Taavi Turvas

    Thanks Rando

    So true and motivational. Like wise men have told – “There are no strong persons without hard past”.

    Stay strong, be who you want to be!

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