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Two months to go

“Only” two months to go until our start at IRONMAN Mallorca. Trainings go more or less as planned.
It’s time to rise the bar and add bit more intensity to the trainings. I still haven’t done any longer runs (1+ hours), but definitely will do at least couple of those. Reading other guys blogs helps, but at the same time, if I look at their training statistics, I get bit nervous – am I training too little? πŸ™‚ On a positive note, last week I did one 4km swim session – longest so far. The pace wasn’t fast, but feeling was OK.
Anyway, need to keep the head cool and stick to my own plan – to finish with a good emotion!

Managed to do one sprint distance triathlon in the mean time πŸ™‚
4th time on the bike that day!
Good bike needs a proper treatment πŸ™‚
Those evening runs
Good to have a company during those long runs. Time spent with the family is a time well spent!

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