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T minus 81 days

Little more than a month has passed since my last post. A lot has happened, yet nothing has changed 🙂 Still working, spending time with my family, training, eating, sleeping.
Together with my coach, Ain-Alar, we have made a simple training plan. Basically it is a three weeks cycle of 6h + 9h + 11h week.

Plan itself is really simple:

Monday Rest day
Tuesday Easy bike (1-1,5 hours, high cadence – low heart rate)
Wednesday Easy run (15 – 30 minutes) in the morning and easy openwater swim on afternoon (30 – 45 minutes)
Thursday Bike (2 hours) + run off the bike (10 – 20 minutes)
Friday Openwater swim (30 – 45 minutes)
Saturday Longer bike ride (2 – 4 hours, with some “tricks”)
Sunday Longer run (45 – 75 minutes)

Can’t say that it is very difficult to find motivation to go outside almost every day and to train, but I do have to have some inner discussions with my mind and body 🙂 Like they say, the most difficult part is from the sofa to the door! 😀

Most of the trainings I try to do alone, since during the IRONMAN I will be alone for several hours and mental preparation is the key. I do have had some open water swims with buddies but it’s for the safety reasons mostly.

Not to self – post things more often, since I tend to forget a lot and for that reason at least try to take more photos! 🙂

TT event near home. Was definitely worth paricipating!
The main fuel for longer rides – OTE Energy Gels
New wetsuit and the first open water swim of the season
Usual summer breakfast – Kama + strawberries + kefir!
New aero cover for the Catlike helmet
Always nice to end training rides with some quality family time!
Home lake. One lap is ~750 meters, longest swim so far has been 3 km.
The first competition of the season – Valga Valka Helen triathlon. Olympic distance.
This was my longest triathlon! So far I’ve done only couple of sprints in the past. Time was 02:43:00

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