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So, what’s next?

2017 is right here, around the corner. I already wrote about this year, now it’s time to shed light on plans for 2017, at least to those related to sports 🙂

First of all, it’s going to be the toughest year so far. I’ve already signed up for two challenging races, the training load is more than 20% higher than in 2016. But at the same time, I haven’t been more prepared to the challenges ahead than I am today.

Season started already on October 31th, so far I’ve been concentrating on building the solid base for upcoming months, mostly on turbo trainer but also by run/walk sessions and hiking.

The official kick-start will be in TriSmile training camp in Mallorca. After that starts the intensive training period.

My main goal for 2017 is KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen. I’ve also set some concrete objectives for the race, but I’ll keep them for myself at the moment 🙂

There are also two B races, to check the progress and to prepare mentally. Although L’Etape du Tour is set as a C race, it for sure will be one tough ride. 180 kilometers, 2 HC climbs, more than 2000m above the sea level, hot July in France. As it is just 1 month before KMD IM, I think it will be perfect for the last long and hard bike ride before the race.

I’m so looking forward to 2017 and to all the challenges!

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