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Despite the fact that 2016 was the first non-professional-photographer year for me, there were still times I grabbed my camera and shot some photos / portraits.

Below You will see a little retrospective of the photos that really mean something to me. Either because of the situations or the people.

There are still a lot of people and memories I appreciate that are not displayed here. You mean a lot to me!

Wherever you are – be all there.

* You can see larger photos by clicking on them.


I have the best family in the world. Supporting, understanding, cheerful, forgiving, loving.

Partners in crime

We have been together already for 13 years and I cherish every minute of this time. There is no place I can’t go with her. And the best part is, she’s willing to follow and support me on this crazy journey called life.

Friends – old gold and bunch of new ones

I’m really thankful for all the friend I have, you are the best! And I have found so many new friends during this year. Unfortunately not all of them happened to be in front of my camera. A mistake I tend to fix in 2017.


Mallorca – a place that I will remember forever.
New chapter in Estonian triathlon history – first IRONMAN 70.3 series competition in Estonia! Gran Fondo Estonia – a bike ride from one corner of Estonia to another. A friend, with whom I spent 211 hours this year.
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