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Meanwhile in Costa Brava

First week of TriSmile Spring Camp is done! It was mostly quite easy (except of course the annual TT event 🙂 ), ~400 km on the bike, one more or less intensive swim session and two run sessions (12,6 km in total). Average speed on bike was 24,0 km/h, elevation gain 4315 m, and it all took almost 17 hours. Nothing extraordinary.
But it’s completely different story with the running. My last run session was in May, 2015 and it ended with a pain in the right knee. The other day I decided to take the risk and went for a run. And of course ran for an hour and ~10 km. I used my new Saucony Triumph ISO shoes and Compressport calf guards and it helped – no pain in the knees. 🙂 Second run was straight off the bike, ~19 minutes and ~3 km. Again, everything went quite well.
Today (Sunday), is a rest day – I’m also a coach here in the Camp and at least one day off is needed for the proper recovery.
Anyway, new week is ahead and it will be more intensive, includes two long bike rides (5h and 8h) and one day of transition training (bike + run). The feeling is good and I’m more and more convinced that Anything is possible! 🙂

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Coaches meeting

Proper fuel for long rides!

Family time

Lloret de Mar

Selfie time! 🙂

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